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ROSETTA Phoenix Desktop™ eCTD Viewer Release 4.2 (English version) is now available for download and free trial.

Currently, ROSETTA Phoenix Desktop R4.2 is only available in English.

There are two installation options for ROSETTA Phoenix Desktop™ eCTD Viewer R4.2:

  • (Recommended) If you have administrative privileges to install software on your computer or your Technical Support can install the software for you, download and run the setup program: SetupPhoenix32R4.2.exe

    The Setup program will guide you through an easy installation process, step by step, including creating a shortcut on your computer Desktop.

  • If you do NOT have administrative privileges to install software on your computer, or prefer an installation-free and portable version (you can even run the program off an USB drive), download

    After you download the file, uncompress/extract it to a folder. Double-click the "ROSETTA Phoenix.exe" file to run the software.

You will need a trial license key to activate the software and view eCTD submissions. Please contact us at to obtain a 60-day trial license for free. For commercial use, please send your inquiry from a company email address - we generally do not respond to personal email accounts.

Educational institutes and non-for-profit organizations: Contact us to see whether your orgainzation qualifies for a free production license (not a trial license).

ROSETTA Phoenix Desktop R3 supports all five languages and is still available. You can download R3 here.

What's New in ROSETTA Phoenix R4.2:

Supports the latest specification of SwissMedic M1 specification v1.2.
Supports South Africa/MCC M1 specification v1.0.
Supports Saudi Arabia/GCC M1 specification v1.0.
Adds the ability to view metadata of each sequence under Sequence View.

What's New in ROSETTA Phoenix R4.1:

Canadian eCTD Supports Canadian/Health Canada M1 eCTD specifications v2.2
EMA eCTD Supports EU/EMA M1 eCTD specifications v2.0
Japanese eCTD Supports Japanese M1 eCTD specifications v1.0b

What's New in ROSETTA Phoenix R4:
(PDF 127KB)

eCTD/NeeS New Cumulative View for non-eCTD Electronic Submissions (NeeS)
Separation of the Current/Cumulative and Sequence Views
New option to merge “repeating sections”
New function to detect and display Cross-references
New Subject Matter Filters
EU eCTDs New Country Filters for EU eCTDs
Grouping of documents in a lifecycle
Japan eCTDs Streamlined view for Japanese eCTDs
New ways to sort documents
New reporting capabilities
10 times faster when loading very large eCTDs(Sequences with tens of thousands of leaf documents)
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