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Built on top of ROSETTA Phoenix eCTD Viewer's intuitive user interface, ROSETTA Annotation and Collaboration Services (RAACS) adds capability to annotate on eCTDs and manage review process for eCTDs right within the ROSETTA Phoenix eCTD viewing environment. It does so without altering submission documents or eCTD backbones in any way.
Integrated with ROSETTA Phoenix eCTD Viewer, ROSETTA Annotation and Collaboration Services (RAACS) provide reviewers the capability to annotate on eCTD submissions, create, assign and manage tasks related to the internal review of eCTDs within the same, intuitive user interface of ROSETTA Phoenix. It does so without altering eCTD submission documents or eCTD backbones in any way. Furthermore, RAACS is a publishing tool neutral implementation - it works with any published eCTD output produced in-house or outsourced by any eCTD-compliant publishing tools.

RAACS is also an EDMS-neutral implementation. When integrated with ROSETTA Phoenix Server with EDMS Connectors, RACCS allows reviewers to work on eCTD submissions stored on a file share or in EMC Documentum, OpenText Livelink, and Microsoft SharePoint, in the same way - no additional training required.

With its publishing tool and EDMS neutral implementation, RAACS can greatly improve the collaboration in the review of eCTDs between affiliates and outsourcing partners globally. It also reduces the cost of training for different eCTD review tools.

Consistent with ROSETTA Phoenix's user-friendly user interface, RAACS provides highlighting effects, QC status icons, one-click access to filters and eCTD reviewing tools to allow reviewers to focus on the jobs at hand conveniently and efficiently. See feature highlights on the right-hand side for more details.

Integrated with ROSETTA Phoenix, a full lifecycle eCTD viewer
Annotate on eCTD documents and the eCTD structures
Create, assign and manage tasks during and after internal review process
Quick access to status reporting tools
Highlighting effects for easy identification of documents requiring attention
One-click access to annotating and collaborating tools
One-click access to filters and let you focus on the job at hand
Works with any published output produced by any eCTD-compliant publishing tools
Does not alter submission documents or eCTD backbones in any way
Integrated with ROSETTA Phoenix Server so that users can annotate on eCTDs stored in a file share, EMC Documentum, OpenText LiveLink, Microsoft SharePoint and other EDMS repositories.
Provide administrative user interface to manage users' collaborative privileges
Support LDAP and Single Sign On
Integrate with ROSETTA Pyramid for post-submission collaboration and management of follow-up tasks
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